How to Reduce Your Stress when Moving House

How to Reduce Your Stress when Moving House

When moving house, a majority of people feel the stress as soon as the decision is made to relocate.
For those who haven’t moved house in a while, it’s easy to forget the agony – from sorting through the contents of the kitchen drawer, to the endless nights’ bubble wrapping and packing precious items – the smallest of tasks becomes a huge effort. For many, the days and weeks leading up to the ‘big move’ can be a nightmare.
There are so many stressful things about moving house, and whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, it will still inevitably be a moment in your life that you would rather get over and done with as soon as possible.

While moving can be an exciting time in your life, most of us look at it as a highly stressful event, however, there are lots of ways to reduce the stress of moving.
Before you start packing up your belongings, there is some very important planning needed. Of course, you could just try and wing it on the day, but you’re better off organizing yourself properly so that you don’t find yourself losing valuable possessions, or holding onto useless items because you just don’t have the heart to let them go. Being organized will make things less confusing and chaotic at the other end, and also means that you are only packing (and unpacking) those essential items that you really need.

All items you intend on keeping should be packed away in labelled boxes. Keep clothes with clothes, books with books. Throwing everything in the same box only creates more work and confusion for you later on when you are trying to set up your home. Remember, the more effort you put in at the packing process, the less you’ll have to do later. Pack a small box with essentials such as toilet paper, toothbrush, kettle, cups and coffee close by, so that you can access them as soon as you have moved into your new place.

Plan as far ahead as possible, as the move will no doubt take longer than you think. Leaving everything until the last minute is bound to get your stress levels up, so try and give yourself plenty of time rather than rushing at the last minute.

Make a list of all the things that you need to do in order of priority and slowly chip away at them in the weeks before the big move.
You might find yourself feeling flustered with the amount of things that need to be done before the move, or you might be worried about how much money it will cost – don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to help out with simple tasks such as helping de-clutter, cleaning, or emotional support.

If you are moving to a new suburb, take some time out to do your research. Look for cafes and restaurants, park, shopping centres, schools, or find out if there are any exciting community events that regularly happen in the area. You might even consider introducing yourself to your new neighbours.

An effective way to keep moving simple and hassle-free is to hire a furniture removal company. They can, not only help you with heavy lifting on the big day, but can also assist with packing or unpacking, if your budget allows for it. Trusting a removalist company, such as Top Removals, can take away a lot of the stress of moving, and is an invaluable investment. Top Removal’s comprehensive removalist service, also includes a full packing and unpacking service and storage facilities, and is the best solution if you are looking for a stress-free move.

While moving house is time-consuming and highly stressful, it is also a great opportunity to start afresh, meet new people, and provides you with a good excuse to invite your friends over for a house warming party. Your new surroundings might feel odd or confusing for a little while, but as you start unpacking, decorating your home, and having a celebratory champagne or two, you might actually find that all that stress turns into anticipation about the future ahead.

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