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Moving On a Rainy Day?

Time to read: 3 min.

How stressful hey!?

Not only do you need to move but you are doing it on a rainy day- what a bummer

We get at least one phone call from each booked customer asking about the rain and if everything will go as planned.

Our answer is: OF COURSE!

We have been moving houses in Melbourne nearly 10 years and we know Melbourne’s weather same way we know all the one way roads in every suburb. If you been living in Melbourne you probably know the weather is CRAZY and it’s raining often.

So what do you need to do if you are moving on a rainy day?
Don’t save on packing materials.
The last thing you want is your loved couch dipping in mud , so to avoid that simply cover your sofa, all of your mattresses with mattress protector .
[If you are moving with us we offer protection pack for $70-$100 which includes 3 mattress cover, 2 sofa covers, white goods (washing machine, fridge etc..),extra 5 items of your choice to be wrapped.]
Double the protection with some old blankets you have at home or preferably your movers should provide you with some on the day.
Make sure the floor is dry or if you have carpets then protect it from (dirty muddy) foot prints.
Let the movers lead.
They know what they are doing. If you hired a reliable moving company they would guide you threw so just listen to them and be flexible with the time as it takes longer to move in the rain so be full of patience.
Don’t panic! just take it easy and remember this day will end and you will find yourself in your new cosy and dry home.